About the city Bremen

Bremen is a wonderful city with a variety of different activities. The next sight is only a stone's throw.

Bremer town hall (world's cultural heritage) and Roland in front of it, Böttcherstraße with its expressionistic architecture, Schnoor an old narrow street with teeny-weeny houses, impressive churches e.g. Bremer Cathedral.

It's just a few minutes of walking to reach the water. You have the opportunity to explore Bremen by ship. Link for boat trips.

You are also able to reach the stadium of Werder Bremen (Bremens famous Soccer-Club) by ship, because it's located directly at the river Weser.

You have also the opportunity to have a break in the nature. A big park, neighboring a forest, is ideal for a walk or a cycling tour.

If you walk a few minutes you can easily reach the art gallery of Bremen with its impressive artwork. Gerhardt Marcks Haus, Theater am Goetheplatz.

From there you can walk another few minutes and you are back in the old city of Bremen with its town hall.

Website for tourists: BTZ Bremer Tourismus Zentrale.